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Our professional staff will take every step necessary to ensure your comfort and convenience at every stage of your visit. Many of our medical assistants and administrators have been employees of our office for nearly two decades, and their dedication and connection to our patients is unrivaled in the Miami-Dade County area.

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Scott Combs – Operations Manager

“I feel at home on the bottom of the ocean, not with cement shoes on!”

Originally from Ohio, Scott has an extensive technological computer background and is extremely versed in laser engineering. He is a natural born leader and ensues that the tasks are done per the target. He is at the center of the action and remains cool under pressure. Scott has excellent interpersonal skills as keeps our office running smoothly and efficiently while meeting the employee and patients needs.

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Deborah Lomax – Patient Care Coordinator

“I would love to live in Cinderella’s Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.”

As patient care coordinator, Deborah has constant communication with our patients. From the initial phone call inquiry to the consultation/treatment visit, she builds trusting and caring relationships with our patients. Deborah is here to answer any questions or concerns our patients may have prior to having their procedure as well as after. Her main objective is to provide our patients with all of the information they may need, and to ensure a comfortable and rewarding experience with our Doctors and our staff. Often she can be found in the treatment room holding the patient’s hand or peacefully singing to a burn survivor during a laser procedure.

As a devoted mother of 3 delightful children, and loving wife to her high school sweet heart, she knows how to extend the warm nurturing care that our patients deserve. She keeps in touch with our community by volunteering as a chair woman in the Junior League, school auctions, PTO’s, yearbook committee, and camp counselor at church. Deborah grew up on the beaches of New Jersey where she received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and MBA from Georgian Court University.

Deborah can be reached during the day, evening, and even on weekends to help you book an appointment, as she always has Dr. Waibel’s schedule with her. Feel free to contact Debbie with any questions at 561-310-8590.

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Judie King – Managing Business Administrator

“Lucy, my Boston Terrier, has an array of outfits all monogrammed with matching leashes.”

Judie has worked in the corporate world for 37 years, but now loves the medical field and working for Dr. Waibel. This fine woman handles the operations of the day to day business of our practice. She makes it possible for our staff to function effortlessly. Judie will exercise sound judgment day in and out, she is firm but gentle. Her kindness and caring warms the hearts of our patients.

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Bianka Hinkle – Patient Attendee

“I have been dancing ballroom since I was 4, and I was The 2011 World Salsa Champion”.

Bianka exemplifies the professionalism, organization, and dedication to assist the doctor, MA’s and the patients with anything they may need. I love coming to work and being the “Go to Gal”! My goal is to make the patients feel at home when they visit our practice. Her warm, friendly nature is the perfect quality for our patient and our practice.

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Angie Padin-Patient Liaison

“I am an identical twin — Which one am I???”

“I am an identical twin — Which one am I???” I am the Up Front diva!! I enjoy interacting with all of the patients. I can work all of the positions in the front and proud to be working with Dr. Waibel.

Angie was chosen for not only her professional expertise but, just as importantly, the way that she treats patients with a friendly, helpful attitude.

Our practice offers the latest and most advanced techniques for all medical, surgical, laser, and cosmetic skin care needs. From general skin care to the full range of laser treatments, minor and major cosmetic procedures, our goal is to provide our patients with the greatest attention and personalized care.

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Ana Fernandez-Fox- Head Medical Assistant

“I love to eat all of the time. I love to make others laugh. I am a ‘happy-go-lucky kind of girl!'”

By all accounts, Ana has become the “anchor” for all the MA’s and laser consultants at Miami Derm & Laser. Her gentle nature, her unending energy, and her attention to detail combine to make her a great asset to our practice and a great resource for our patients.

“Being the Head Nurse allows me to spend time with the patients and cater to their different medical and cosmetic needs. I am committed to motivating our team and giving our patients the utmost care possible.”

Ana possesses extensive knowledge of the skin care industry. She spends her days working alongside Dr. Waibel treating conditions such as burn scars, sun damaged skin, hyper pigmented skin (including melasma), acne and rosacea.

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Melissa Bermudez – Clinical Research Coordinator

“I have a contagious smile, natural dimples, and love to flash my pearly whites.”

Mel is also the cosmetic specialist for our practice. I love working by Dr. Waibel’s side in the research department discovering new technology. I am a certified MA with a background in surgical procedures concentrating on plastics. “I consider patient education the most important service I can offer to our patients. The latest, most innovative skin care products are now formulated to penetrate more deeply and are actually capable of restructuring the skin. They change your skin from the inside out, while you’re also treating it from the outside in. These are exciting developments in skin care, and I want our patients to understand the potential of the products and services we have for them.”

Melissa combines her extensive experience with a genuine caring for people to help provide a safe and comfortable experience to all of our patients.

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Michelle Picanol – Medical Assistant

“I enjoy cooking and make the best cookies, cakes, and cupcakes, which I share with the staff and patients!”

I came to work for Dr. Waibel with a Derm background, and am happy to have made the change to this practice. I am a certified medical Assistant and love what I do. Michelle is always enthused to help people feel better about themselves and cater to patient’s needs.

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Abigail Davila-Medical Assistant

“When I’m happy, I sing. You can hear me singing throughout the office.”

I am originally from Honduras. I have worked for Dr. Resnik for the past 12 years. I love helping others and enjoy working with Dr. Waibel. Abby possesses extensive knowledge of the skin care industry and will offer and assistance possible.

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