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Hemangioma is a type of benign vascular lesion that is formed from disorganized blood vessels in the skin. At Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, board-certified dermatologist, Jill Waibel, MD, FAAD, treats hemangioma for men and women living all over the world.


What is Hemangioma?

Hemangioma are unique birthmarks that entail a cluster of blood vessels that cause a raised, red bump or lump to appear on the skin. Typically, hemangiomas develop within the first year of life and then resolve without treatment, but some hemangiomas can be positioned in a way that interferes with everyday activities such as breathing, or eyesight. They can appear in the first few weeks of life and can grow at a rate much faster than the rest of the body. If left untreated, some hemangioma can ulcerate, bleed, scar, or cause infection.

What Causes Hemangioma?

Currently, the exact cause of a hemangioma is unknown and additional clinical trials need to be conducted. Family history may be a factor. They are most common in premature infants and females. Studies show that 60% of hemangiomas are found in the head and neck region and 80% of hemangiomas appear as single lesions.

How is Hemangioma Treated?

The decision to initiated treatment for a hemangioma is based on many factors that include size, location, functional compromise, psychological implications, and risks and benefits of therapeutic treatment options. Some of the treatment options are:

  • Medications to slow the development of the hemangioma
  • Injections that inhibit growth of the hemangioma
  • Laser surgery to remove the hemangioma
  • Combination of treatment (topical medications, oral medications, and laser therapy)

What Should I Expect from Hemangioma Treatment?

The outcomes of hemangioma treatment vary. Depending on the characteristics of the hemangioma determine the customized treatment for the lesion.

Am I a Good Candidate for Hemangioma Treatment?

Also known as “strawberry birthmarks,” hemangiomas most often present a short-term cosmetic concern. The growths may need treatment if you are concerned with the aesthetics or if the growth interferes with day-to-day tasks, such as breathing, eating and seeing. If you or your child have a hemangioma, schedule a consultation with Dr. Waibel to learn about treatment options.

Hemangiomas are unusual birthmarks that may develop within a child’s first year. Although the growths do not require medical attention in most cases, parents may opt for methods that will minimize or remove the abnormal tissue. Jill Waibel, MD, FAAD, the board-certified dermatologist at Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, offers men and women in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Kendall and surrounding communities in Florida treatment for hemangiomas. To learn more about our treatments for hemangioma, contact us today to schedule a consultation.