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Is miraDry® Safe? How Will I Stay Cool in the Miami Sun?

miraDry® in Miami, FLEveryone sweats. It’s a fact of life. However, some people tend to sweat more heavily than others, leading to a frequent fear over sweat stains and body odor. Regular deodorants and clinical strength antiperspirants may be able to offer some marginal relief, but if bothersom underarm sweat and odor persist, you may be a good candidate for miraDry®. miraDry® is an FDA approved non-invasive procedure that provides relief for individuals who suffer from bothersome underarm sweating and are seeking a long-lasting solution.

Side Effects are Minimal

Many wonder if the miraDry® treatment is safe. The short answer is – yes, this treatment is entirely safe for men and women alike. Each miraDry® treatment takes approximately one hour. The handheld device utilizes miraWave™ energy to directly target and treat the sweat and odor glands present in the under arm area. As the miraWave energy penetrates the targeted sweat and odor glands are safely destroyed. The miraWave energy eliminates the unwanted glands, decreasing under arm sweat by an average of 82%, and reducing your daily worry.

One of the best aspects of miraDry® is that side effects are limited and mild. You may experience some localized soreness or swelling after your procedure. However, this will resolve within a few days.

The Treatment is Localized

Of course, sweating is the body’s natural way of keeping cool, so some sweat glands are important to maintain. However, the body has anywhere between two and four million sweat glands, with only 2% residing in the underarms. Rest assured, treating the sweat glands that cause bothersome sweating in the underarms, will not impact the sweat glands on the rest of the body. So, staying cool will not be a problem.

We’re Ready to Help You Look and Feel Your Best

Feeling sticky after a long day or sweating before a big presentation is never a good feeling. And, thanks to miraDry®, that embarrassing sweating and body odor can be a thing of the past. At Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, our team understands how important it is to rid yourself of worry, so that you can live a life more confident in your own skin.

Our office is the premier miraDry® practice in Miami. Are ready to take control of your sweat once and for all? We are ready to help. Contact us at Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute today to get started.