Juvederm XC Treatment in Miami

Juvederm XC

Smooth Your Skin with Juvéderm XC

It happens gradually. At first, the lines appear as faint traces, then they deepen. Fortunately, there is a host of skin rejuvenating treatments available today that can combat the signs of aging–and many of these therapies are minimally-invasive. In the last few years, dermal fillers have skyrocketed in popularity. And with good reason. The treatments are painless and quick and give visible, immediate results. At Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, we offer the latest wrinkle reduction options and use the leading dermal filler products.  If you are seeking a non-surgical treatment to reduce wrinkles–particularly around your mouth and nose–Juvéderm XC can smooth age-related creases and revitalize the appearance of your face.

How Does Juvéderm XC Work?

Juvéderm XC is a temporary dermal filler that plumps the skin. The smooth gel formula contains hyaluronic acid (HA), a sugar-based substance that occurs naturally in the the tissues of the human body. A water-holding molecule, hyaluronic acid cushions and hydrates the joints and tissues. Because of its unique properties, hyaluronic acid plays a key role in giving the skin its structure. As the body ages, the skin begins to produce less of this precious volumizing agent. With lower reserves available, we eventually begin to see a loss of volume. When injected into the skin with a small needle, Juvéderm XC replenishes the supply of hyaluronic acid, giving the skin an instant lift.

Because hyaluronic acid is biocompatible, it is highly tolerated and can be used on all skin tones. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Juvéderm XC injections carry little to no risk and do not require a recovery period. After your appointment, you may experience some mild redness in the treatment area, but this side effect is minimal and you can resume your normal activities immediately. Treatments last approximately 30 minutes and the results can last up to a year.

Are You an Ideal Candidate forJuvéderm XC?

If you have moderate to severe lines and your skin retains some elasticity, you may benefit from Juvéderm XC treatments. Because of its refined formula, Juvéderm XC is ideal for smile lines, vertical lip lines, and the “parentheses” around the mouth.  The ideal candidate is:

  • Over the age of 21 and in general good health
  • Has early signs of aging around the mouth
  • Has reasonable expectations

YourJuvéderm XC Consultation at Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, Miami FL

During your Juvéderm XC consultation at Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, our injection specialist will evaluate the overall condition of your skin to determine whether a dermal filler is the best option. If you would like to restore your appearance, contact our Miami office for a comprehensive consultation.

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