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Self Tanner in Miami, FL

You don’t need a full day out in the sun to get a nice, even tan. At Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, we offer a number of tanning products to people living in and around Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Kendall, FL, who are looking for a way to improve their tan.

What is a Self Tanner?

A self tanner is a product that helps you tan without the sun. These are popular because they can provide you with a suntanned look without exposing the skin to harmful UV rays. Self-tanners come in the form of lotions, creams and sprays. Most products include the ingredient dihydroxyacetone, which is responsible for coloring the skin. These products typically wear off after a few days, but can provide a realistic tan immediately.

Benefits of Self Tanners

Our self-tanner products can provide a quick tan and offer the following benefits:

  • Natural looking tan
  • Safe for the skin
  • Tan without the sun

How are Self Tanners Used?

At Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, we can assist you in developing a plan for safe usage of our self-tanner products. It is best to first exfoliate the skin before applying to maximize the effect of the product. Next, we recommend applying the self-tanner in sections, to make sure you apply it thoroughly and evenly. You will want to pay special attention to the elbows and knees, as they can become too dark quite easily. Finally, it is essential to let the product dry. This ensures that your tan will last as long as possible and won’t bleed onto clothes.

Am I a Good Candidate for Self Tanner Products?

Anyone looking for a sunless tan can be a good candidate for our self tanner products. At Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, our medical aestheticians evaluate your skin to determine the best possible product for your skin, so that you can enjoy a beautiful sun-kissed skin tone.

At Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, we offer quality self tanner products to people living in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Kendall, FL, and the surrounding communities. If you are looking for a safe way to get a tan without stepping into the sun, contact us to learn more or schedule a consultation.