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Our Skin Spa offers a wide array of advanced skin rejuvenating treatments for the face and body, performed by experienced medically supervised aestheticians in a relaxing South Florida setting. The Skin Spa experience we provide is designed to have you looking good, as well as feeling good.

At MIAMI DERMATOLOGY AND LASER INSTITUTE (MDLI), our medical aestheticians will develop a customized treatment plan to address all of your unique goals and concerns for your skin. We feature a full range of chemical peels, facials, acne treatments, microdermabrasion, and cosmeceutical skin care products.

To find out which treatments and products are right for you, schedule a consultation with our expert board certified dermatologists at MIAMI DERMATOLOGY AND LASER INSTITUTE (MDLI) in Miami today.

Facial Treatments


Microdermabrasion is the mechanical blasting of tiny crystals directly onto the skin. This spraying abrades the skin’s uppermost layer; making way for a new, fresher and smoother layer. Microdermabrasion can help eliminate brown spots, age spots and other pigment irregularities. Microdermabrasion also softens fine lines and wrinkles and decreases the appearance of scarring and pore size. An added benefit is that this treatment makes it easier for skin care products to reach their target in the deeper layers of the skin. At MIAMI DERMATOLOGY AND LASER INSTITUTE, we feature a wide range of select cosmeceuticals and advanced skin care products that are specifically chosen by our board certified dermatologists.

A series of microdermabrasion treatments is needed for optimal results, and many patients come in every 3-4 weeks to keep their skin in top condition and acne under control.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels remain a popular choice for skin rejuvenation largely because they are so effective. A chemical peel is a procedure in which a solution of varying strengths is applied to the entire face or to specific areas, such as around the mouth, to peel away the skin’s top layers. Common peeling agents include: Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Beta, Vitality Institute Peel (VIP), Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA), and Jessner’s Solution. At MIAMI DERMATOLOGY AND LASER INSTITUTE (MDLI), our expert board certified dermatologists recommend the range of Skinceuticals peels for optimal skin benefits.

We believe that chemical peels are essential for maintaining and restoring the skin’s health and appearance. These treatments can be effective for acne prone skin, sun damage, pigmentation and rough texture and tone. Our medical team may recommend a series of chemical peels to stimulate collagen production to reduce signs of photoaging, including fine lines and wrinkles. Peels can also be effective in improving the appearance of hyperpigmentation and dullness by exfoliating dead surface cells and restoring the skin’s surface to a smoother and softer state.

Chemical peels can be combined with other skin resurfacing procedures such as microdermabrasion, light therapies and laser resurfacing to maximize the rejuvenating effects. They are also an ideal complement to the selection of at-home skin care products available at MIAMI DERMATOLOGY AND LASER INSTITUTE.

Acne Facials

If you have acne, a facial can help cleanse your skin superficially, but deeper extractions are very beneficial to maintain a clear complexion and keep flare-ups under control. During an acne extraction treatment, our team of MDLI medical aestheticians will open clogged pores with an instrument to get rid of the sebum that is causing the acne. This can be highly effective when performed by one of our qualified skincare professionals and prevent future breakouts and acne scarring from appearing.


Aquagold® Fine Touch

Aquagold® Fine Touch is a microneedle technology that delicately delivers a wide range of therapeutics directly into the skin to help improve fine lines and increase skin hydration. Aquagold enables the collagen stimulation process to produce an enhanced cosmetic effect. It is a comfortable treatment due to the use of very fine microneedles that minimize pain and bleeding. Each microneedle is thinner than a human hair. Aquagold is used for the delivery the agents of choice directly into the dermal layer of the skin. The microneedles create tiny pores in the skin and the solutions then travel down through the microneedle surfaces and into the pores. Topical solutions including botulinum toxins, hyaluronic acid fillers, growth factors, and skin care serums may be used with Aquagold.

The expert board certified dermatologists at MIAMI DERMATOLOGY AND LASER INSTITUTE will customize a microneedling treatment for each individual patient based on their skin condition and treatment goals.


Dermapen® is an advanced and safe microneedling system with disposable tips that have a total of 12 microneedles. This system provides a wide range of therapeutic benefits to help reduce the visibility of scars, acne, fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores. It can be used for the face, chest, and body areas, as needed. DermaPen is used to improve the overall condition and quality of the skin, and to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Immediately following a DermaPen treatment, your skin may be slightly flushed and sensitive to the touch. The discomfort will resolve in the next 24 hours and in a few days, your skin will be healed. Since the role of the DermaPen procedure is primarily to stimulate your natural collagen and elastin production, you will continue to see improvement in texture and tone over the next several weeks.


The Infini delivers radiofrequency energy through insulated gold-coated microneedles to deliver improved wrinkle reduction. The Infini contains adjustable depth controls that allow the board certified dermatologists at MIAMI DERMATOLOGY AND LASER INSTITUTE to customize treatment for each patient. This device can be safely and effectively used on patients who have pigmented lesions, melasma, dark and tanned skin.

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