Botox Treatment in Miami

What is Botox?

BOTOX for a More Youthful Face

Our skin’s elasticity gives it the amazing ability to respond to a range of facial movements. Whether we smile or frown, the skin bounces back, leaving no trace of the previous facial expression. Over time, however, our skin loses its youthful resilience and those expression lines become engraved in the skin: what once were dynamic wrinkles eventually become static ones. BOTOX, one the most requested cosmetic treatments in the United States and in the Miami metropolitan area, is an injection that can temporarily smooth out facial lines.

How does BOTOX Work?

Facial muscles control the movement of the skin; when our muscles contract, our skin stretches. BOTOX belongs to a class of cosmetic treatments known as relaxants. These FDA-approved products are introduced into the skin with a fine needle. When injected into the skin, BOTOX’s active agent–a bacteria-derived chemical substance (abobotulinumtoxinA)–inhibits muscle movement. AbobotulinumtoxinA temporarily blocks nerve impulses, the signals that tell the muscles to contract. As a consequence, the muscles and skin stay relaxed. A BOTOX treatment is not permanent, but results can last for four to eight months, depending on the individual and the area being treating.

What BOTOX Treats

Most commonly used to diminish a furrowed brow (glabellar lines) and horizontal forehead lines, BOTOX can be used to soften wrinkles around the eyes, reduce smile lines (nasolabial folds), and eliminate nose wrinkles. In some cases, it can be used to address neck wrinkles (platysmal bands).

Excellent for immediately reducing the appearance of pronounced lines, BOTOX can also help slow the progression of permanent wrinkles. Many individuals incorporate BOTOX treatments and periodic touch ups into their regular skin upkeep and anti-aging strategy.

The Ideal BOTOX Candidate

BOTOX is a painless, minimally-invasive procedure that can rejuvenate your appearance and make you look more rested. However, the treatment is not for everybody. You may be an ideal candidate for BOTOX if you:

  • Have moderate to severe creases in the forehead, around the eyes, and around the mouth
  • Are looking for an effective, non-surgical cosmetic treatment that yields fast results and requires no downtime
  • Are healthy with no history of neuromuscular disease (such as multiple sclerosis) and certain skin disorders and allergies
  • Have realistic expectations

BOTOX is not appropriate for skin showing signs of advanced aging (severe laxity and sagging).

Your Botox Consultation at Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute

Although widely done, BOTOX injections require an attentive eye for detail and a skilled hand. At Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, our BOTOX experts achieve visible and natural-looking results. They administer the relaxant in precise measure, thus preventing an artificially frozen look. If you would like to know if BOTOX treatments are appropriate for you, contact our practice to schedule a personalized consultation.

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